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Written by Catherine Davis   

Poker is a card game of bluff and skill which has grown increasingly popular with the advent of on line poker rooms.

While the game of poker has many variations, all follow the same basic format. Players are dealt a hand of cards, some or all of which are concealed. They then wager on the strength of these cards in rounds of betting. The player who holds the highest ranking hand according to an established hierarchy (in which the most valuable combinations include a royal flush and full house), or otherwise the last player left after the others have folded, wins the 'pot'.

Poker is very much a game of people, with a strong psychological component. Players employ various deceptive strategies and try to 'read' their opponents whilst maintaining a neutral attitude or 'poker face' themselves.

Common sense and poker etiquette dictate that chat is kept to a minimum; firstly because the game requires concentration, and secondly because the way a person talks can be a powerful 'tell' about their knowledge and level of skill which may work to their opponent's advantage. Hence seasoned poker players 'keep their cards close to their chest'.

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