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Written by Mark Millard   

archery2.jpgArchery may have emerged as a survival skill as long as 25,000 years ago. Today archery is mostly a recreational sport or pastime, available to all ages and abilities in a variety of styles and approaches, indoors and outdoors.

The skill of archery lies in combining the physical control and mental focus required to complete accurate shots, time and again.

In target archery you aim at targets of a specific size set at specific distances and the emphasis is very much on consistency. This is where many people start, using a recurve bow, with or without a bow sight and other aids.

Field archery mimics hunting. The targets may be discs, foam animal models or cut-outs of varying shapes and sizes arranged at varying distances in a natural setting. Here the archer walks a course and has to adapt each shot to the situation. Short, powerful compound bows are well suited to this form of archery.

And for those interested in the history and craft of archery both the above can be shot with traditional bows such as the American flatbow or English longbow.

Many archery clubs offer beginners courses where you can learn to shoot safely and in good form. From there you can follow your interests, refining your technique and improving your scores, competitively or purely for the personal satisfaction of seeing your arrows hit the gold.

Archery Listings

2020 Archery Club
Home of London's first dedicated indoor archery range 
Located close to Kings Cross 2020 Archery provide a full range of archery courses, lessons and one-off events for corporate and private clients. If you're new to archery you can try a 'have a go session' or an introductory course and if you're more experienced you can use their 25m indoor range.

Robins Reach Archery
Tuition, residential courses and mobile archery events
Joe McDonald is a Level 1 GNAS qualified archery coach.  Based in the Bedfordshire countryside, he offers tuition and coaching to people of all ages and abilities. Courses range from taster sessions, to corporate days to intensive residential programs which take advantage of the on-site B&B.

Archery Ads


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