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Ten Pin Bowling
Written by Catherine Davis   

Ten pin bowling is descended from a long line of bowling games dating back to ancient Egypt. King Henry 8th of England is believed to have bowled using cannon balls. In its modern form, ten pin bowling is the second most popular participation sport in the world.

Bowlers take turns to roll a bowling ball down a lane with the aim of knocking down as many pins as possible. Knocking down all ten at the first try is called a 'strike' and knocking the remainder down at the second is known as a 'spare'.

As a recreational sport, ten pin bowling is a sociable game that can be enjoyed with family and friends at indoor bowling alleys and entertainment centres.

Ten pin bowling also has a competitive element, and hitting your stride can be a real buzz. This is where consistency or muscle memory, mental and physical precision, hand to eye coordination and stamina come into play; and you could go on to take part in National and International ten pin bowling championships.

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