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Written by Catherine Davis   

The art of photography combines creative and technical skills and allows you to focus on and explore personal interests.

Generally, the choice of a traditional or digital camera won't much effect the final image. The fundamentals of taking a good photograph remain the same; namely bringing light, subjects and composition together in a successful format.

Attending a photography workshop or class will help you learn the basics and/or improve your techniques. While conventional cameras are still convenient, digital photography has made the hobby even more accessible. As well as the advantage of immediacy, digital technology enables you to edit and modify photographic images in order to achieve the desired result.

Traditional photography presents artistic options through the use of darkroom facilities to develop black and white film. This involves you in the whole creative process, and watching your own prints appear before your eyes can be a very satisfying experience.

A community darkroom will introduce you to fellow enthusiasts. Otherwise and if you're really keen, you could build one at home.

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