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Home Dining
Written by Catherine Davis   

If you're thinking of hosting a dinner party at home, the following tips may be useful:


Home Dining Tips

Guests Firstly, invite people who get along reasonably well together!

Likes & dislikes Ask them if they have any strong likes or dislikes, food allergies or are vegetarian

Ingredients Plan what you're going to cook ahead of time so that you can order any meat or fish and get all the ingredients you need. It's always a good idea to buy seasonal produce which will be fresh and readily available.

Simplicity Go for simple, tied & tested dishes that won't keep you in the kitchen all evening

Balance Choose courses that are balanced, compliment each other and have variety in terms of colour, texture and taste

Quantities When it comes to quantities, make a little more than you think you'll need

Preparation Prepare as much as possible in advance and make sure the table is laid before your guests arrive

Presentation Present your food in attractive serving dishes and add garnishes to make it look more appetising and appealing

Wine For tips on selecting wine, see Matching Food and Wine. Also provide non alcoholic alternatives

Ambience Use music, lighting, layout, themes and table decorations to create an appropriate atmosphere, games can be a good way of bringing people together

Above all, remember that dinner parties are about socialising and your guests are there for good company rather than gourmet food. If you relax and enjoy yourself, the chances are they will too.

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