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Saving The Rainforests
Written by Catherine Davis   

Rainforests and forests play a vital role in the global ecosystem.

Climate: They help to regulate the world's climate.

Carbon fixing: They naturally absorb vast quantities of carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Biodiversity: Although rainforests cover just 2 percent of the Earth's surface, they are home to 30 percent of all known plant and animal species as well as a variety of indigenous cultures.

Due to the effects of logging, agriculture and industry, forests and rainforests are getting smaller.

Here are some practical ways we can all help to save rainforests and preserve these threatened habitats, both at home and overseas.

Avoid products which may have been produced in ways or by companies which contribute to deforestation.

Select wood, paper and forestry products that display the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label and have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Lessen carbon footprints by recycling, reusing and reducing use of energy.

Support conservation work. Donate to schemes like Protect-an-Acre which funds projects to promote responsible ownership and stewardship of the rainforests.

Volunteer to work with one of the various non profit making organisations taking conservation action overseas. There are plenty of opportunities to help out with projects and initiatives in the rainforests of the Amazon, West Africa and the South Pacific.

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