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Green the Workplace
Written by Catherine Davis   

Workplaces and work related transport generate around two thirds of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions. Here are seven simple steps that employees can take to help reduce energy use and waste, protect the environment and save money:

1. Switch off electrical appliances and computer equipment when they are not in use, optimise their power saving settings and turn things off after you

2. Control the temperature and airflow as efficiently as possible, eg by turning the heating down if it's too hot instead of switching on the air con

3. Cut down on travel and switch to more eco friendly forms. Some employers offer incentives for lower energy ways of travelling such as cycling, walking, public transport, car sharing and telecommuting. And with the Government's cyclesheme offering tax free bikes for work, BUGs are spreading (Bike User Groups)

4. Use paper sparingly, share and store documents digitally, print on both sides, re-use envelopes and so on

5. Seek out green suppliers and services. Use products that have been recycled (paper, pens, consumables etc) and send yours for recycling too

6. Go for reusable mugs, cups, utensils and containers rather than disposable ones fairtrade tea, coffee and fruit food and drink with minimum packaging and preferably sourced locally

7. Build awareness, share experiences and look for new opportunities with colleagues, customers and suppliers

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