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Saving Energy at Home
Written by Catherine Davis   

There are plenty of measures that you can take to save money, make your home more ecologically friendly and help to protect the environment. Here are some suggestions on saving energy:

1. Switch to low energy, compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use up to 80 percent less energy.

2. Always turn the lights off when leaving a room.

3. Never leave your personal computer or monitor on when not in use.

4. Turn the television off at the wall; a TV on standby is still using 80 percent of its power.

5. Next time you upgrade your fridge or freezer, make sure you get an energy efficient model as denoted by an “AA++” rating.

6. Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight. Although a whole house system is expensive, small panels can be used efficiently to power certain appliances such as water pumps and lighting circuits.

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