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Written by Catherine Davis   

Sailing BoatSailing appeals to those who like the water and being outdoors in the elements. It is a great way of connecting with nature and brings a real sense of freedom. Sailing is accessible to all ages and whilst being a physical activity, requires no particular strength.

Sailing can be enjoyed as part of a crew with family and friends, or as a solo pastime. It offers a wide range of experiences, whether you want a few peaceful hours on a lake, a longer river trip or sea cruise, or the excitement of racing.

Picking up the basics of sailing is easy and takes just a few hours. Many people start by taking a dinghy sailing session at a club, many of which have a lively social scene.

Sailing can broaden your horizons both physically and mentally. A life long recreation or sport, it provides continual challenges; there is always more to learn and the learning is an adventure.

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