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Kite Surfing
Written by Catherine Davis   

Kite SurferKite surfing is a fast adrenalin sport that combines wind surfing and kite flying. The kite surfer harnesses the power of a large, controllable kite to pull him or her through the water on a small surf board. The challenge of kite surfing lies in piloting both kite and board at the same time.

Thrilling to watch and take part in, different kite surfing styles have developed including wake and wave riding, jumping, cruising and free ride. With enough practice and the right weather conditions, impressive speeds can be achieved, and skate board type stunts can be performed in mid air.

Kite surfing is a physically demanding activity. You'll need to be a confident swimmer and reasonably fit, with good upper body strength. For safety and enjoyment, it is essential to get some qualified instruction. Kite surfing training takes two or three days, depending on your skills as a kite flyer and experience of other water sports such as wind surfing and wake boarding.

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