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Horse Riding
Written by Catherine Davis   

Horse RidingHorse riding appeals to animal lovers, adults and children alike. With its offer of fresh air and freedom, horse riding is an ideal way to explore the countryside, not least because you can see over hedges and don't tend to scare off the wildlife!

Mastering basic horse riding skills opens the door to many enjoyable and exciting leisure pursuits like pony trekking, gentle trail riding or an invigorating gallop across fields or a beach. As a means of rural escape, horse riding makes for a great weekend break or activity holiday.

Competitive horse riding events include show jumping and dressage. Equestrian eventing combines both of these with cross country riding over hazards such as fallen trees and water jumps.

For equestrian team sports, try polo, polocrosse, horseball (a sort of rugby on horseback), or le TREC (a form of orienteering).

The only mandatory piece of kit is a helmet, which can be borrowed or hired from the horse riding school. Once riding regularly, you might want to invest in proper equestrian clothing for maximum comfort and safety.

As a form of physical exercise, horse riding burns up a lot of energy and builds and tones muscle. You should probably expect some aches in the early stages!

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