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Written by Catherine Davis   

VolleyballVolleyball is played recreationally and competitively by all ages and both sexes. Matches take place in gyms and parks, and beach volleyball is increasingly popular.

Volleyball teams are usually six a side, positioned on either side of a high net. The object of the volleyball game is to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent's court, or put them under pressure and force them to make an error.

Volleyball is brisk, lively and physically challenging. As an aerobic activity volleyball works the legs, upper body and cardiovascular system. A fair degree of fitness is required, along with good reflexes and hand to eye coordination. At a competitive level, some athletic skill is also involved; serious volleyball players undertake jump training, stretching and strength exercises to improve endurance and flexibility.

Local volleyball clubs welcome new players of all abilities and mean you can enjoy the social side of the sport, which may include friendly weekend tournaments and club nights.

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