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Frisbee and Ultimate Frisbee
Written by Catherine Davis   

Frisbee While a recreational game of frisbee is a fun aerobic activity in its own right, ultimate frisbee takes you to a challenging new level. A non contact team sport, ultimate frisbee mixes skills and strategies from football, netball and basketball with throwing and catching a flying disc.

The rules of ultimate frisbee are simple. Two teams of seven players compete on a large rectangular pitch. Players must not run with the frisbee but stop and pass to other players, working up the pitch to score a goal in the opponent's 'end zone'. The defending team attempts to stop them by marking and any contact constitutes a foul. Ultimate frisbee differs from other sports in that players referee themselves.

Esentially good natured and sociable, ultimate frisbee is a fast moving and physically demanding game of elegance and pace. Ultimate frisbee requires and develops speed, stamina and agility, yet it is easy for beginners to pick up and provision is made for competition at all levels of ability.

Other frisbee sports include frisbee golf, which tests accuracy and distance, and frisbee freestyle, where aspects of gymnastics and dance are combined with the basic frisbee game.

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