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Written by Catherine Davis   

TennisTennis is the top racket sport for participants and spectators alike, and is enjoyed by all ages in social, recreational and competitive settings.

Tennis matches are played in singles or doubles on a grass, clay or hard court. The surface influences the behaviour of the tennis ball, with grass providing the fastest game. The server begins the rally and various strokes are then used to score points or keep the ball in play. These points add up to a game, which in turn add up to a set. Tennis matches usually consist of five sets.

Basic tennis shots include the forehand and backhand, volley, lob, drop shot and smash. Tennis players are generally classified as base liners, volleyers or all rounders, depending on where their strengths lie.

The game of tennis develops hand to eye coordination, quick reflexes, speed, strength and agility. It is a great way to get into shape and stay fit, builds and tones muscle and works the cardiovascular system.

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