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Lawn Bowling
Written by Catherine Davis   

Lawn BowlingLawn bowling is a gentle, sociable pastime that usually takes place outdoors on a large, flat green.

Players take turns to roll the bowl up the green, trying to finish closer to the target or 'jack' than their opponent, thus scoring a point. The green is normally divided into six playing strips called 'rinks', allowing games to go on concurrently, and matches may be between individuals or teams.

A game of precision and skill, bowling helps to sharpen concentration and hand to eye coordination. One of its attractions is its highly tactical nature; players must constantly try to anticipate their opponent's next shot.

Success in the sport doesn't rely on physical fitness. Its relaxed pace and relatively light demands make it a popular activity with older people, but there are plenty of younger players too. Bowling also offers the opportunity to enter competitions from club to national level.

To find out more, contact a local club. Many offer taster sessions, and members enjoy a calendar of social events.

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