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Running / Jogging
Written by Catherine Davis   

JoggingRunning and jogging are accessible ways to stay in shape and lose weight. They're great for the cardiovascular system and as high impact exercises, also help to strengthen the bones.

If you're new to jogging, even if you're physically fit, it is recommended that you start gradually. Build on short blocks of running interspersed with walking or power walking. Set yourself goals that are achievable yet challenging, and don't worry about getting puffed. A level of fatigue and stiffness is quite natural as your muscles, joints and heart get used to this form of exercise.

Invest in a good pair of trainers or running shoes and wear fluorescent clothing at night. You can also buy kit in absorbent fabric for extra comfort.

Finding a jogging buddy or joining a running group means you can get healthy and meet new people in the process. As well as making it more enjoyable, they'll also provide support if you find yourself flagging.

For further motivation, you could think about training for a marathon. Competing in such running events can bring a real sense of achievement and is a popular way to raise money for charity.

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