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Weight Training
Written by Catherine Davis   

Weight TrainingWeight training builds strength, tones muscle, boosts energy and endurance levels and gets your heart pumping. By helping to raise the metabolism, it can also be effective for weight loss. Other benefits of weight training include better balance and coordination and increased bone density.

Weight training promotes both physical and personal development. As well as being fitter and healthier, your body will look firmer and more conditioned, all of which can enhance self confidence. Weight training may also improve your mood and mental focus.

You can work out with a friend or with a personal trainer in a gym. Begin with light weights, practising technique, control, breathing and posture. Use exercises that work all the major muscle groups and gradually increase the intensity of your routines by adding more weight, reps and sets. Allow a day or two to rest between weight training sessions.

Set realistic goals and chart your progress. Reaching your targets and seeing the results is rewarding and will also help maintain motivation.

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