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Coin Collecting
Written by Catherine Davis   

Coin collectionCoin collecting, or numismatics, is the gathering, study and/ or trading of coins for pleasure and possibly profit. An absorbing hobby, coin collecting can be tailored to suit individual tastes and resources.

Coins may be collected by time period or date of issue, the metals they are made from, or country of origin. Prices vary greatly according to rarity and condition, but coins are collected for their historic significance and artistic merit as well as monetary value. Every coin is a piece of the past, and discovering the story behind it can be as much fun as finding the coin. Coins also represent something unique about a nation's culture, be it a person, event, flora or fauna.

You might begin coin collecting by saving interesting coins from current circulation and learning to identify their value potential. You can expand or improve your coin collection by buying and selling.

Coins can be purchased from dealers and other collectors, at auctions, antique shops and craft fairs, by mail order and on line. Before you start trading, do your research using websites and reference books. These will give information about mint marks, major varieties, grading guidelines, and tips for cleaning, handling and display of your coin collection.

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