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Hang Gliding
Written by Catherine Davis   

Hang GliderHang gliding is an aerial adventure sport that offers the thrill of a challenge.

Hang gliders are launched from hill tops, from winches on flat ground or by being towed aloft behind a microlight aircraft. Once airborne, great heights and distances can be achieved and you can gain a bird's eye perspective on the world.

You don't need to be superman to learn to fly, but hang gliding does require a good level of physical health and fitness, coordination and mental focus. Hang glider pilot training usually takes ten days. Two day hang gliding taster courses and limited elementary pilot certificates are also available.

Contact a hang gliding club to learn flying techniques and safety measures in a sociable environment. There is camaraderie in the free flying community, and hang glider pilots will be happy to help you to get started and offer continued support.

As your skills and confidence develop, you may wish to go on to enter local, National and International hang gliding competitions.

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