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Roller Skating
Written by Catherine Davis   

Roller skating, or quad skating, uses the traditional design of skate with four wheels set in parallel pairs.

A versatile sport, roller skating forms the basis of activities such as roller hockey, in which a ball is used instead of a puck, and roller dancing; check out a roller disco and you'll find a funky social scene.

Quad skates are also worn for artistic roller skating, which is choreographed to music and performed solo or in pairs. Categories of artistic roller skating include figure roller skating, which is judged on skill, style, elegance and timing; and freestyle roller skating, where the focus is on individual creativity.

The best way to get started is to take some lessons at a roller skating rink. Many sports centres offer training and you can go on to enter National and International competitions.

Roller skating is a great way of getting into shape and staying fit. As well as developing the leg muscles, roller skating is an aerobic exercise that works the cardiovascular system.

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