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Bungee Jumping
Written by Catherine Davis   

Bungee JumpBungee jumping is an extreme test of nerve and self control.

Bungee jumping involves fighting your instincts, overcoming your fears and flinging yourself off a tall structure attached only by several hundred metres of bungee cord.

One end of the bungee is secured to your body or ankles and the other is fastened to the jumping off point – usually a static crane, bridge or building.

The bungee jump cord stretches and then snaps back, causing you to fly up and down until the momentum subsides. The further you fall, the bigger the rush as you plunge earthwards, accelerating from 0 – 60mph in under two seconds.

Procedures and checks are explained on site and safety is the top priority, this includes weighing you and selecting a bungee cord appropriate to your weight. Trained operators then secure the padded straps, accompany you to the drop off point and count you down. You can either take the plunge solo or do a tandem bungee jump.

Terrifying and exhilarating, bungee jumping is guaranteed to be an awesome experience you'll never forget. Some people get addicted to the natural high and travel the world in search of the ultimate bungee jump experience.

And some get a bit of extra motivation by doing a sponsored bungee jump.

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