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Rock Climbing
Written by Catherine Davis   

Rock ClimberAs a test of body and mind, rock climbing can be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Although it is not a solo sport – climbers usually work in pairs – rock climbing is fundamentally about the setting and achievement of personal goals.

While rock climbing requires and develops physical strength,stamina, agility and balance, mental control is also vital to deal with tough, potentially dangerous situations.

Climbers need to be fully alert and focussed, able to constantly weigh up risk factors, shut out fear and concentrate on their next moves.

Knowledge of technique and the proper use of gear and safety equipment is crucial. Indoor climbing is a good place to start. Climbing clubs offer facilities where you can learn and practice essential skills in a supportive sociable environment.

It may be worth adding that women now comprise about half the members of climbing clubs. Being generally smaller and more flexible, it is a sport at which they can progress quite quickly.

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