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Written by Catherine Davis   

MountaineeringMountaineering is possibly the pinnacle of extreme sports and climbing mountains takes you to some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. Mountaineering expeditions are tough tests of body, mind and determination, but exertion is matched by elation when you reach the summit.

Mountaineering adventures can be as challenging as you want so as you progress, you may aspire to higher altitudes and more technical routes. Physical fitness and some athletic ability are prerequisites for mountaineering as you may need to push yourself to the limit. Indoor climbing walls are ideal for building strength and endurance and for practising technique.

Mountaineering relies on trust and teamwork, and strong partnerships often form between mountain climbers. You can take a course or join a club to meet fellow enthusiasts and master the proper use of technical equipment and safety gear. It is also essential to have a good understanding of weather conditions, camping and survival skills.

The rewards of mountaineering can be considerable. As a means of escaping day to day stresses and gaining new perspectives it can be an inspiring spiritual experience. Mountaineering also develops mental disciplines that are valuable in all aspects of life, including focus, alertness, resourcefulness, perseverance, dedication and self reliance.

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