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Caving and Potholing
Written by Catherine Davis   

CavingCaving is about exploring subterranean worlds, some of which can be spectacular. You may find yourself in a majestic cavern, a fossil passage or a bat cave, marvelling at clay or crystal formations.

Caving and potholing present physical and mental challenges and may especially appeal to those with a sense of adventure.

A good way to enjoy caving is by joining a club. Many caving clubs offer training to new members, which initially involves practising skills and techniques above ground. You should also be able to borrow a lamp, helmet and other caving equipment to begin with.

Caving may involve rope climbing and steep descents. As such it can be very demanding and require plenty of stamina.

For an extra challenge, you might consider potholing, which is the exploration of vertical shafts using special ladders and ropes.

Caving is not a solo sport. Always go with an experienced caver, take the safety precautions outlined by a recognised caving association and show respect for this rare and sometimes fragile environment.

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