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Written by Catherine Davis   

Cyclists cyclingCycling is a green form of transport and a great way to exercise and keep fit. As well as providing easy access to the countryside, cycling is increasingly popular in towns as a means of commuting.

Recreational cycling has something for everyone, whether you want the thrill of downhill racing or the leisure of exploring leafy lanes. Riding a bicycle can appeal to those who want a solo sprint or a pleasurable excursion with family and friends. Cycling is ideal for sightseeing, touring holidays and activity breaks.

You might also think about entering competitions or taking part in sponsored cycling events to raise money for charity.

Riding a bicycle works major muscles in the body including the heart, lungs and legs and being low impact, is kind to the joints. As an aerobic sport, cycling is also an effective means of losing weight.

A bicycle helmet is essential, and you may want to invest in padded shorts and gloves for comfort. Cycle training is recommended to increase road awareness and learn about riding technique.

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