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Written by Catherine Davis   

WalkingWalking can do us good in so many different ways. The health and fitness benefits of regular walking are considerable. Not only does it strengthen the heart, muscles and bones and burn calories, walking also relieves stress and anxiety. By improving breathing and circulation, walking helps us to focus and think more clearly and creatively.

In many ways walking is the ideal exercise, being what our bodies were designed to do. Walking can be incorporated into daily life as an alternative to other forms of transport or simply enjoyed as a leisure pursuit.

Walking is the best way to explore an area, allowing us time to soak up our surroundings. While city walks have plenty of interest in terms of architecture and history, most people associate walking with the fresh air and scenic beauty of the countryside where we can appreciate nature and the changing seasons.

Walking can be enjoyed as a solitary activity or as a social one. Joining a walking group may introduce you to new people and places or you can do your own thing and set your own pace and direction.

Finally, doing a sponsored walk – perhaps a long distance path or classic route across country - is a popular charity fund raiser and means that others will benefit from your experience.

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