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Written by Catherine Davis   

BushcraftBushcraft employs the wilderness living skills developed by ancient cultures and explorers to survive in the outdoors.

Traditional methods for fire making, shelter building and procuring food and water are taught using primitive knowledge of the natural world. As well as being practical and fun, learning bushcraft skills cultivates a deeper understanding and respect for the environment and allows you to become truly attuned to nature, the weather and seasons.

Bushcraft and survival schools offer the opportunity to discover a range of crafts including tracking, foraging, the use of bows, axes and knives, wood carving, rope and twine making, plant lore and wilderness cookery. Weekend and longer courses are available where you can get hands on education with a small team of fellow enthusiasts.

Bushcraft and survival courses may be quite demanding at times, but rising to the physical and mental challenges of self sufficiency and communing with nature can be a hugely rewarding experience. Bushcraft also opens the door to an exciting new world of freedom and adventure, and you might consider an expedition to more remote regions.

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