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Written by Catherine Davis   

ballooning2.jpgHot air ballooning combines the adventure of flight with a serene, surreal sensation of floating. The balloon rides with the breeze so there is no feeling of movement, and time seems to be suspended as you drift silently above the countryside hundreds of feet below.

A literally uplifting experience, ballooning induces both wonder and contemplation. Passengers are traditionally asked to help inflate the balloon, and many find this as enjoyable as the trip itself. Some get more involved by volunteering to join the crew who prepare the balloon for flight, follow it at ground level and deflate it after landing.

The sport welcomes newcomers, and as well as being a fun way to learn you will also meet fellow enthusiasts. If you are really keen you might consider becoming a pilot.

Flying a hot air balloon is no more complicated than driving a car, and most people can master the basics with eight to twelve hours of instruction.

To gain your UK private pilots licence, you must have at least sixteen hours flying experience. You will also need to attend ground school for aviation training and pass some written exams.

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