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Wine Tasting & Appreciation
Written by Catherine Davis   

Confused by the jargon on wine labels? Unsure what to order in a restaurant or how to tell if a wine is 'corked'? Don't worry, you're not alone.

The vast range of grape varieties, producers and vintages makes wine tasting an interesting and absorbing hobby. For the same reason wine tasting may seem initially daunting, but nobody is born with a taste for fine wine and the more knowledge and experience you gain, the less mystifying the subject will be. Furthermore, the learning process is a pleasurable one!

An understanding of wine 'culture' can help us to appreciate wine, be it Old or New World. The palate also needs to be developed, and being able to identify and distinguish a wine's characteristics takes practice. It begins with the appearance of wine in the glass, then its aroma, flavour and 'finish'.

When starting out, it might be useful to taste a comparative sample of wines from the same country or place of origin. Touring vineyards and wine regions is an excellent way to hone your wine tasting skills.

You could also take a wine tasting course or class, where you can discuss wines with fellow enthusiasts. Remember that everyone has an opinion, and wine tasting is basically about finding what you like.

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