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Written by Catherine Davis   

MagicMagic tricks are a great way to amuse and entertain people and learning a few tricks can also help your communication skills generally.

Magic tricks vary greatly in style and sophistication. In 'table magic', the magician has close contact with the audience. Common props are cups and balls, playing cards, coins and dice. Other forms include cabaret and stage magic and 'mentalism', which uses the power of suggestion.

Whether relatively low key or grandiose, all magic has a strong theatrical element. To baffle their spectators, conjurers employ sleight of hand, misdirection, memory skills and optical illusion. They also build a rapport by asking for volunteers and encouraging participation.

As such, magic hones interpersonal techniques as well as dexterity. Mastering new tricks and performing them in public is both a gratifying and empowering experience.

There are magic courses and workshops to suit all age groups. If you prefer to learn the secrets in private, check out magic manuals and DVD tutorials.

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