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Written by Catherine Davis   

dancing.jpgDancing allows for self expression, lifts the spirits and keeps you in shape.

The concept of dance is global and as old as the human race, as is reflected in the vast variety of dance styles ranging from ballroom to belly, flamenco to funk, Latin to line, samba to salsa, tango to tap and pole to ice dancing. Dancing can be ceremonial, celebratory, aesthetic or exotic.

Dancing is enjoyed by all ages and levels of fitness in recreational, amateur and professional settings, and there are clubs and classes to cater for all aspirations. You can perform solo, with a partner or as part of a group. Shared musical tastes mean a common interest, and dancing is an ideal way to meet new people.

Many find dancing a confidence builder which enhances both presentation and social skills. It can also improve posture, flexibility, mobility and coordination.

Dancing is a great way to relax. As a physical activity it releases endorphins, the brain chemicals that make us feel good. Dancing also offers the opportunity to rise to new challenges through the mastery of moves and techniques, and perhaps go on to enter competitions.

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