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Acting and Amateur Dramatics
Written by Catherine Davis   

The Stage Acting can be challenging and uplifting, great for personal development and building self confidence. As well as the thrill of performing before an audience, acting develops communication and presentation skills that can be carried over into everyday life.

Actors need the capacity to interpret a text, the imagination to inhabit a role and the ability to convey moods and mental states. Physical and emotional expressiveness are vital, along with vocal clarity and projection. Well rounded performers are also often singers and dancers.

Amateur dramatics groups offer the opportunity to gain acting and stage experience, and all the camaraderie that comes from working together to put on a production. These are usually well established plays and musicals performed by unpaid and sometimes untrained actors.

You might consider auditioning for a small role or a part in pantomime to begin with, especially if you are new to acting. You could also start by helping backstage so as to learn the ropes. Crew are usually needed and you don't need to be an expert to get involved in stage management, costumes, scenery, sound or lighting.

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