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Recreational Tree Climbing
Written by Catherine Davis   

Recreational Tree ClimbingRecreational tree climbing is a rapidly growing outdoor activity that draws on the techniques and equipment used by rock climbers to get you into the tops of tall trees and down again safely.

Tree climbers can climb trees that no one has climbed before so you could be the first person to admire the view from the top of that 100ft (30m) oak.

If you'd like to branch out into something new, then recreational tree climbing may be just the thing, combining courage and skill with an up-close appreciation of trees and the natural habitat.

Recreational tree climbing courses are similar to the ones used to train arborists and tree surgeons. They will show you how to use ropes, slings, harnesses and karabiners to explore the canopy in safety and without harming the trees.

Once you've got the basics you can move on to more advanced techniques including tree-surfing - using ropes to move from treetop to treetop and even treetop camping - spending a night aloft.

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