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Sports Massage
Written by Catherine Davis   

Sports massage uses a deep, firm approach to manipulate and rehabilitate the soft tissues of the body.

The aim of sports massage is to relieve tension, improve suppleness and flexibility, stimulate circulation, speed up the healing of damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Sports massage is tailored to meet individual needs and enhance performance. As such, sports massage can benefit not only competitive athletes but those who participate in recreational sports and exercise or who have job and lifestyle stresses.

Massage techniques are applied to relax and refresh the muscles, alleviate discomfort and soreness, facilitate movement and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system.

By realigning the body, sports massage can assist in the treatment of a wide variety of aches and pains, the removal of metabolic waste, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Sports massage helps to heighten bodily awareness, which can lead us to recognise tension and change the habits that cause muscular distress.

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