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T'ai Chi
Written by Catherine Davis   

T'ai ChiT'ai chi is an ancient Chinese fitness regime based on traditional principles whose aim is to harmonise mind, body and spirit and cultivate mental and physical well being.

T'ai chi exercises comprise a series of coordinated postures. These 'moving meditations' are known as 'forms' and emphasise abdominal breathing, a straight spine and smooth motion in order to nurture internal energy or chi, and promote its free flow throughout the body.

T'ai chi gently tones the muscles and improves posture, balance, flexibility and circulation. With its focus on calm concentration, t'ai chi also helps to release tension and soothe the mind.

The benefits of t'ai chi are accessible to all ages and levels of ability. A life long discipline, t'ai chi offers continued personal development. With practice, the t'ai chi student becomes stronger and healthier, revitalised, relaxed and more self confident.

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