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Written by Catherine Davis   

An exciting winter sport, snowboarding is enjoyed recreationally and competitively at resorts throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

While it requires the same conditions as skiing, snowboarding has more in common with surfing and skateboarding. In comparison however, snowboarding is fairly easy to pick up. The idea is to surf down a ski slope with both feet securely strapped to a board, moving your weight from side to side and end to end. As your skills and confidence improve you can take on new snowboard challenges – thrilling high speed runs, slower descents involving tricks, jumps and turns, or simply cruise through stunning mountain scenery.

Snowboarding is a great form of exercise that develops balance, coordination and general fitness. Snowboarding has a steep learning curve, but most beginners are ready to hit the slopes after a couple of days. Hit is the operative word here; you should be prepared to take some falls at the outset and padded clothing is essential.

The best way to get started is to have lessons with a qualified snowboard instructor. Many artificial slopes and clubs offer training, and all snowboard equipment and protective gear can be hired.

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