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Reduce Carbon Footprint
Written by Mark Millard   

There are three approaches you can use to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise how much you contribute to carbon dioxide pollution and global warming:

1. Reduce your energy consumption - use less and/or use it more efficiently, e.g. walking, cycling or public transport instead of the car, more efficient fridges, heaters,lighting & insulation

2. Use energy from renewable sources - from green energy suppliers or by installing solar panels, wind turbines and the like

3. Carbon offsetting - basically balancing the books, funding a project so it takes as much CO2 out of the atmosphere as you put in. The classic example is planting trees as they remove CO2 naturally but there are other options, such as investing in green energy projects.

The first step is usually to consult one of the many websites where you can calculate your carbon footprint, see how to reduce it and find out about offsetting schemes.

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