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Written by Catherine Davis   

SurfingSurfing has a special and often potent appeal, combining thrills and skill in a challenging environment. For many people, mastering the art of surfing becomes a way of life, involving travel and a whole social scene where finding and riding the best waves creates a deep sense of satisfaction.

While surfing may look effortless, it takes a lot of practice. Start by surfing in safe areas and shallow waters. Bodyboarding is a good introduction, as well as being a popular sport in its own right. The small foam board is ridden lying down, which makes it easy to catch the waves and enables you to learn paddling and duck diving. Having done that, you can work on developing the steering technique, coordination and agility required to stand up. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Surfing builds and tests stamina, lung capacity and all the major muscles. Balance, core strength and flexibility are the key words, and experience of skateboarding or snowboarding is an advantage. And adding a kite can take it to a whole new dimension.

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