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Underwater Hockey
Written by Catherine Davis   

If you enjoy being in the water, want to get fit and meet a new crowd of people, then why not try underwater hockey?

Also known as Aquachallenge and Octopush, underwater hockey has been called the supreme anaerobic game, combining all the benefits of swimming with competitive sport.

The rules of underwater hockey are similar to those of field hockey except that players wear a diving mask, snorkel and fins, the sticks are shorter and the puck is pushed along the bottom of a swimming pool - an exciting sport for participants if not spectators!

There are ten players in each underwater hockey team, with just six allowed in the water at one time. This makes for fast substitutions and an exhilarating, action packed game in which the idea is to work quickly. Tackling an opponent, passing the puck and resurfacing can take just a few seconds, and while some players can stay down a long time the real skill in underwater hockey is judging when to dive.

To get involved, go along for a session at a local club. Underwater hockey clubs welcome new members and will loan out equipment to begin with. They also offer opportunities to play friendlies and club games with other underwater hockey teams across the UK and worldwide.

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