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Water Skiing
Written by Catherine Davis   

WakeboardingWater skiing is a fast, exhilarating water sport that involves being towed behind a power boat at speed.

A physically challenging activity, water skiing develops general fitness and upper body strength. Posture, balance and coordination are the keys to water skiing success. Expect to take some tumbles in the early stages – looking cool comes later!

At water ski schools, instructors will tailor lessons to your ability. You'll also be able to hire skis, a wet suit and life jacket. Having mastered the basics of water skiing and gained confidence, you might feel inspired to try slalom, which is performed on one ski, jumping, which is jumping the wake, or trick skiing, which involves a series of twists, turns and manoeuvres, like freestyle gymnastics on water.

Real thrill seekers might want to sample water ski racing, where speeds of up to 120 mph can be reached.

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