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Written by Catherine Davis   

PoloPolo is possibly the world's oldest sport, a fast paced competitive team game played on horseback. It's origins are thought to lie in the middle east, as a training game for cavalry units.

The objective is similar to other ball games - polo players try to score goals by driving the ball into the opponent's net with a long handled mallet.

Field polo is played outdoors on a 300 yard long pitch. Teams consist of 4 riders and their ponies, the Number 1 position is the most attacking and Number 4 is the most defensive. A polo match usually consists of six 7minute segments called chukkas.

Arena polo is played indoors or on a smaller 100 yard pitch with 3 players per team and is where many people learn to play.

Exciting and action packed, polo combines horsemanship with physicality and athleticism. Polo also differs from many other team sports in that amateurs play alongside professionals on a routine basis.

Polo is not always played on horses - canoes, camels, elephants, bicycles and Segways have been used as substitutes.

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