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Creative Writing
Written by Catherine Davis   

Creative writing is an absorbing pursuit that stimulates both intellect and imagination. Not only is it a means to connect with other people and share ideas and insights, creative writing also takes us out of ourselves to explore other fictional worlds.

Whether you're new to writing or returning to it, it may be good practice to keep a notebook and jot down your thoughts and observations. Doing so will help to nurture a sort of 'literary awareness', whereby you see and experience life from a writer's perspective. Once you begin to do this, inspiration can come from many sources, from memories and dreams to media stories. Scenes, encounters and overheard conversations may all spark the imagination and furnish you with material which can be crafted into your work.

In the same way, try to read from a writer's point of view. If a novel is your ambition, build up your repertoire by studying other author's strategies; notice how they structure and plot their books, depict characters and use narrative and dialogue.

Writing tends to be a solitary activity, and many people enjoy the contact, support and guidance provided by classes and on line communities. Perhaps most importantly, creative writing groups can offer constructive criticism which may help you to develop as a writer and define your own style and voice.

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